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MOROCCO DUNES TOURS propose to live an authentic experience by staying in cozy and exotic accommodations options for you to choose the one you like and fits your capabilities and interests:


One of the possibilities offered by MOROCCO DUNES TOURS, is the pleasant experience of staying in a riad. Riads are traditional housing in Moroccan urban centers (Old Medina) and consist of inward-looking houses organized around a central courtyard, following the traditional Arab-Muslim home.

The courtyards are decorated with trees, flowers and fountains, providing multiple flavors and sensations, conveying peace and serenity. These are the perfect places to forget the stress and enjoy your vacation. They also have a totally typical Moroccan decoration.

Riads have central courtyard and rooms are built along it. Windows are facing to the courtyard instead to the streets. They are usually small about 6 room, charming where meals can be serve in inner patio or roof terrace. Most riads are small to have swimming pool, but some have plunge pools to cool yourself during the hot summer months. Some riads are large as they are the old merchant house or palaces and have lavish rooms and opulent gardens.

The hotels and riads we offer fall into two categories:

They are charming accommodations, clean, comfortable and beautiful surroundings, but more simple and economical than the luxurious ones.

These accommodations offer all possible comforts, all the services and the best quality. An unforgettable experience for those who have a higher budget.


Auberges are find the rural areas and small towns built with mud in the Kasbah style. They offer comfortable and pleasant stay.  Some auberges have a sweming pool.

Hostels are located in the mountains, they are mainly use buy trekkeres where good meal, hot shower, roof over their heads instead of camping is provided. 

An experience that you can not miss is to spend a night in the middle of the desert in a berber nomad Tent ander the starts...The tents we offer fall into two categories:

Standard tents offer you the regular decorated nomad tent, where you’ll spend the night inside a true Sahara ambiance. more simple and economical than the lux ones.

For those that like to splurge yourselves once in a while, we have great bivouac facilities that will make you feel like a King in its Sahara tent.
Our VIP Lux Tents in the desert of Sahara are something incredible to experience, as decoration was prepared to its maximum, creating an unbelievable and unforgettable ambiance.
LUXURY tents have are divided into 2 different spaces within 1 tent: bed and living room...shower room...

If you want something different, learn more about people, language and our culture, We can also arrange stay with local Berber family to enrich your Morocco tour experience...and to make your trip a unique.
And if you travel with your family or maybe you want more independence, you also have the option to rent an apartment.