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Arabic name is Al Maghreb ("THE WEST") and political capital is Rabat, while Casablanca is the economic capital (the largest city in population and territory). The political system is a constitutional monarchy where the king is Mohammed VI.
The official languages are Arabic and Berber although most of the population (about 34 million) speaks French. A high percentage of the population also speaks Spanish.
Most of the population is Muslim (98.3%, mainly Sunni) although there is a Christian minority (0.6%), Jewish (1%) and other faiths (1.8%).


On the other side of the strait of Gibraltar, is situated in the extreme northwest of the African continent. The country extends over an area of 710,850 km2 and has a coastline of 3,400 km with 2 maritime facades: (2,000 km in the Atlantic and 1,500 km in mediterranean). has a population of 28,238,000 inhabitants, of whom 54.5 % live in urban centers.


A modern country, rich in its history and their vestiges. It has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Different civilizations have been happened: Phoenicians, Carcajeenos Berbers, the Byzantines et Romans until the arrival of the Arabs that begins in the IIX Century with the entry of Moulay Idriss-I founder of the dynasty of the Idrissides followed torque the Almoravids, the Almohads, Marinids, Saadiens and the Alaouits (current dynasty). 


Morocco has many International Airports:

- Mohamed V Casablanca, the biggest airport in Morocco serving many International flights not only from Europe but from around the world. There are direct flights from Unites States (New York) as well as Canada (Montreal) with Royal Air Maroc (Delta). Many daily flights arriving from Europe and Middle East (CMN)

- Menara Airport in Marrakech, popular International airport with many low cost airlines arriving from major European Cities (RAK)

- Agadir, major International airport serving major and low cost airlines operating flights from many destinations in Europe

- Tangier, another important International Airport

- Saiss, Fes International airport, the growing airport in size and amount of flights receiving.

There are also wide small airports throughout Morocco that offer a great way to get around the country. Among some of the popular once are Ouarzazate, Al Hoceima, Dakhla, Errachidia and others.

Other way to arrive to Morocco is by ferry. There are many ports covering the Spain and Morocco section. The most popular route to cross the Gibraltar is between Algeciras to Ceuta or Tanger. There are other options from Tarifa to Ceuta or Tanger.  There are many ferry companies serving the ports and it is not obligatory to purchase tickets in advance but during the summer months might be recommend it. The frequency of ferries is about one for each half hour. 

Please note that there are TWO ports in Tanger. The old port is located in the town, about 5 minutes taxi drive to the train station serving ferries arriving and departing from Tarifa. The new port MED is located about 45 minutes from the city of Tangier. It is much more busier port as all International ferries are arriving to this port. There is a bus free of charge that connects both ports. The shuttle operates every hour from 10:00am until 0:00. The coach is white and all that is needed is your ferry ticket. The shuttle operates in both directions.